We rounded up some of the area’s top WP gurus, developers, and writers. Then we took off their blindfolds and made them agree to give a presentation. Here’s what we got…

PANEL: RVA Community News

Moderated by Richard Hayes of, this lively, opinionated panel will explore the motivations, processes, challenges, and rewards that come from running a community news website.

What’s Next for WordPress and How You Can Help

Inspiration and evangelism from Andrew Nacin, a WP core developer living and working in Washington, D.C.

WordPress is always evolving as a platform, and its future is more exciting than ever. Learn how you can contribute to the WordPress community as a user, developer, or advocate. It’s easier than you think, and your contributions will have an immediate and lasting impact on the platform we all know and love.

Stop Bitching, Start Blogging

Official Title: How to get your clients to stop bitching and start blogging.

We all know our clients should be using WordPress, the question is, how do we get them to?

Lightning Talks (Plugins We <3)

A diverse handful of WordPress folks (Developers, Designers, and Bloggers) unite to share some of their favorite plugins without recreating the hundreds of “Top Plugins!” lists Google can give you.

PANEL: WordPress In Education

Frank Fitzpatrick does double-duty as a WP super-user AND a teacher in Henrico County. He has rounded up a panel of experts for a discussion on using WP as a tool for students, educators, and administrators. The lessons extend beyond the classroom and can be applied in companies and organizations.

Multi-Site Installations with WP

WordPress Multi-Site installations offer many advantages over single user installs. The management ideas and strategies that are used to run Henrico County Public School’s WordPress installation will be shared.

Improving WordPress Performance

We will explore several techniques to optimize any WordPress site with a focus on boosting performance, caching and reducing response times. This talk will be geared towards users who have, at minimum, a basic understanding of theme development and experience with web development tools.

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